Saturday, November 30, 2019

All about Bengal Health Foundation

Bengal Health Foundation is a platform to create awareness about health and consciousness about the role of health issues in our everyday life. The dynamics of health is actually one of the principle driving forces of any society or country. It is powerful enough to give not only a direction of to the society but also to define the human well being index or the happiness index of a society or a country.
There is ample awareness about health & wellbeing issues such as awareness about lifestyle diseases or infectious diseases such as HIV or chronic disorders such as cardiac diseases and degenerative arthritis. More needs to be done and repetitively . This foundation would play a significant role in enhancing health awareness.
More importantly tremendous awareness needs to be created amongst thought leaders of the country and the intelligentsia of the society regarding the policy of health in India. Little do we realize in a developing dynamic nation like India we are only contributing a little more that 1% of the GDP in the budget to HEALTH . We need to contribute much more in order to maintain and develop infrastructure and even much more to create human resource such as the medical fraternity, the nursing fraternity and the paramedical fraternity. We need to break age old guidelines for creating hospitals and doctors. We need to create awareness about prevention of health disorders and better practises of lifestyles. Creating better understanding about life and disease as also awareness about the limitations of medicine will enhance the trust and faith between doctors and patients. We must remember that these two pillars are the sheet anchor for the development of health policies and advancement in health indices in any developed country.
Therefore the function of the foundation is multifactorial and we intend to take the bull by the horn in trying to have a better understanding in the society about how to achieve excellence in health, particularly affordable health.